YES! Due to the success of the story, my book is now also translated in English! Please keep an eye on this page for more details on the final release date.

Summary of the book

In this book, we follow the turbulent love story of the protagonist and her partner Prem. What starts as an innocent relationship full of passion and hope, quickly turns into a destructive and toxic situation. The protagonist is confronted with the difficulties of a blended family and the frustrations of the Prayut family. As she struggles to find her place in this complex dynamic, she is confronted with unexpected outbursts of anger and even a hidden secret that turns her entire world upside down. With each passing day, she begins to realize that her dreams and hopes for a happy ending are slowly slipping from her grasp. Will she be able to rescue herself from this suffocating relationship and restore her lost faith in happiness? A moving story about love, loss and the quest for self-discovery.

Heart of the book

This book follows the turbulent love story of the main character and her partner. This dynamic and challenging story revolves around modern relationships, the (emotional) struggle in blended families and self-discovery. It also portrays narcissistic personalities in our (anti)social media-driven world. The book illustrates that happiness is often hard to attain.

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