Text in your dating profile is SO important, ladies AND gentleman! I think that especially guys often don’t have text. OK, it is just an assumption :-).

Anyway, if you want somebody to like you purely on your pictures, go ahead and keep it like this. But if you want to show your creativity or attract the max. amount of likes, chose your text wisely!  

I found following screen prints in my phone. I think I copied them to show to my friends, or maybe keep as inspiration to myself hahaha (noooo). I think they are TOO nice not to share, so here you go. Of course, everybody is different and everybody is looking for something else, but to me, these profiles were appealing – and I didn’t even had to look at the pictures because they got me with their text only.

What can I say? YOU GOT ME THERE! I think everybody wants a gentleman who is clearly doing its very best to be one. If you keep a list, I’m sure you try to live up to this list. Gooooooddd! I’m sure this will be an interesting date for sure where you feel “like a woman”.

Almost everything is right about this one! Literally from the first line to the last :-). 


One in Dutch. It is not over the top or anything super special. But I love the fact that he makes a little joke. Aaaaaand, I can onlt agree with this guy. Some people DO use the word spontaneous SO often that… It is not spontaneous anymore haha! 

Another “Dutchie”. In this one not even a joke. BUT, when a guy promises to show you the world. Isn’t that a BIG thing! At least, someone is serious and want to spoil his woman. GOOD! 

BEST one last! I LOVE this guy immediately! 

What do you like in a dating profile, textwise?