I still have a LOT of things I want to do in life. This is just a beginning. The legal part (for the illegal stuf I have another list ;-)). Let’s stop dreaming, let’s start doing things we want. So, here it is, in no specific order. My ATM bucket list.

Trash the dress photoshoot

I have a LOT of very pretty wedding dresses (long story) and I absolutely LOVE this idea. It will hurt however to “trash” one of my super dresses, but when you get this in return, it is worth it, right? Pic by https://www.banganimationblog.nl/

Grand Prix dressage

My previous horse Calysa already brought me a long way to my next goal: Grand Prix dressage. I really, really liked riding Subtop and as everybody always says: once you “tasted” the Subtop, you want more. And that is SO TRUE. I really hope my new horse WhatsApp can make it happen – together with me. But first try to qualify for the next Euro Championships in 2021 in Italy!

Feels like flying

I always had this obsession with physics. One of my dreams is to become an airline pilot one day – just for the sake of it. I’m really obsessed with aerodynamics. What a feeling it should give!

Cocktails in Burj Khalifa skybar

I’ve never been to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, so when you go, you have to do it right, not? Let’s also take the famous aquarium-picture in the mall, when we’re still there.

One-day marriage

I think this is SO COOL! Like the Vegas-concept. I’ve lived in the US for a couple of years when I was younger, so we went to Vegas as well and ever since, I was obsessed with this concept. I even thought of bringing it to the Netherlands, too (these wedding dresses of mine come in handy). And divorce the day after.

Dinner wishlist

I’m SO SO lucky that I got the chance to eat in the best restaurants of the Netherlands and Belgium already. Still, I have some restaurants on my wishlist:

  • Beluga (NL)
  • De Kromme Watergang (NL)
  • Graphite Amsterdam (NL)
  • Joelia (NL) for the second time – it was SO GOOD
  • Pure C (NL) for the third? Fourth? time
  • The Jane (BE) – already had a The Jane-experience but it was SO SO good.

Living in Amsterdam

Yes, this is definitely one of my dreams. And I know it is going to take money, a whole lot of precious money… Because it is not only the costs for the house, but living in Amsterdam can become very costly if you decide to go out for cocktails often, order Uber eats every day of go by Uber taxi often.

Disney Princess for a day

When I was young(er), I was really being asked to audition for this in Disneyland Paris! But, my French was simply not good enough. And now I’m too old and have another nice job anyway.

But, for a day, why not? At least you got to spend a day in my favorite amusement parc – only if a stay in the Disney hotel is included, of course ;-).

Learn to kite surf

Wind surfing I can do already and do regularly when the temperature (and the wind) is right. It goes SO FAST, I LOVE it. Golf surfing I tried a couple of times but I did not really like it. Maybe I swollowed too much salty sea water haha. But, kite surfing I still really want to learn! The hubby of my friend Jessica is really good at it and he will teach me this summer (I stick to that promise – sorry Mark – I even “used” one of your pics on the left haha). COOL, but I also heard about the things that can happen when things goes wrong, but hey, that’s part of life isn’t it?

New tattoo

I already have a tattoo and it’s true what they say. Once you have one tattoo, you always want another one. I think this one will look perfect on me. Now thinking of a nice text. Mmm…

Getting lost in corn maze

I don’t know why I want this haha, but I have something with mazes. Especially when you are almost alone in it, in the dark… Bring on the fun (and be scared).

Hand stand everywhere

OK, yes, I can do this (as you can see on the pic), but it is not as easy as it used to be. And I want that I can do it everywhere, whenever I want. It takes time and practice, and faith. After I broke my arm, I’m always afraid that I’m not strong enough. But I can do this! You know that your body proportions are different when you’re young and that that is the main reason why it is harder to do hand stand when you’re older? Because your upper body is taller. A different leverage. OK, enough reasons NOT to do it, let’s start the training!

Afternoon tea at The Ritz London

I’m lucky enough to had dinner once in the Ritz London, but afternoon tea is still something I REALLY want to do. You know there is a complete orchestra when you sip on your tea? And there is an obligatory dress code as well. LIKE!

Balloon flight over the Champagne area

I’ve been a LOT to the Champagne area in France (and fell in love with that area), but never got the chance to do this. SO, on the bucket list! Of course, together WITH a bottle of Champagne (and some nice company will be nice, too).

Road trip USA

Lucky enough to have lived in the USA, I really want to go back now that I’m older. I’ve already seen SO MUCH of the USA (thank you, parents) but I was young. I really want to go to Death Valley again (and ride on Western horses), check out Yellowstone, go to Disney, visit the Keys, eat Pizza Hut-pizza’s and maybe also visit New York again (if they still let me in; last time I went there, I broke all the rules :-)).

Fortune teller

In weak moments, I always think of going to a fortune teller. I think it can give me some comfort. Especially on the side of love. Did I meet “the One” yet? I do realize a fortune teller can also tell things you don’t want to know…

Holiday Goa

As you probably know, I have “something” with India. I do a lot in business in India, went there a couple of times, speak a little Hindi, know some Hindi, am big fan of the cuisine, bigger fan of the movies and also listen more Imran Khan (amplifier) then an average person. Everybody tells me always to come to Goa. Some people say it’s too touristic, but I want to see for myself. I’ll use wild cards for Kerala (they have pink bananas there) and Mumbai (Bollywood). For if Goa is really that touristic. OK?

Partner in crime

Finding the one – the one I want to grow old with, but never grow up. In Dutch this sounds better: “iemand om mee oud te worden, maar nooit volwassen”. Ah, the Tiffany-ring is #goals too, but in the past years I consider it to be less important. Money or being able to “pose” with an expensive ring is so overrated. More important is the name of the inscription. And the person who holds the hand. He can make you more beautiful than any ring can do. Let’s stay happy and most important healthy!

Secret project

I’m already working on this. It is not going really fast, haha, but I made first steps to accomplish this project. It is all in my head already.