The feeling when somebody takes you to a Michelin star restaurant. WOOOWWW…! I love those people. Nothing beats a romantic night out, good company and the best food you can get! Always a good reason to dress up and enjoy life to the fullest. Most of my best stories start here haha^^. When you meet a guy who shows he appreciates food as much as you do and is willing to take you to “the stars”, hold on to him and never let him go.

I’m lucky enough to have visited below restaurants already. Some lost their stars after my visit. You would almost think I work as an inspector. It is nothing personal^^. Just kidding, I can’t even cook.

Did you know there is a special week “Dining with the Stars”, where you can eat at Michelin restaurants much cheaper? Or, similar concept, the “HEERLIJK10DAAGSE”? If you don’t want to wait for this; there are also some serious good deals on Dining City and HEERLIJK. You can thank me later.

I will update my list (with stories) regularly. Happiness is only real when shared <3. If you have any recommendations, please do not hesitate to share below!

The Netherlands:

Ciel Bleu** (Amsterdam)

Click here to read the review Ciel Bleu**.

La Rive* (Amsterdam)

Yamazato* (Amsterdam)

Cheval Blanc* (Bloemendaal)

Calla’s* (Den Haag)

Latour* (Noordwijk)

De Kromme Dissel* (Renkum/Heelsum)

Parkheuvel** (Rotterdam)

Fred** (Rotterdam)

Seinpost* (Scheveningen)

De Moerbei* (Warmond)

Aan de Zweth* (Zweth)

Librije’s Zusje (Spectrum)** (Amsterdam)

Click here to read the review of Spectrum**

Duchess* (Amsterdam)

Pure C** (Cadzand)

Lucas Rive* (Hoorn)

Joelia* (Rotterdam)


Aneth* (Brugge)

Auberge de Herborist* (Sint Andries)

De Jonkman** (St. Kruis)

De Kamerliet*** (Brugge)

Den Gouden Harynck* (Brugge)

Sans Cravate* (Brugge)

L’Ecaillier du Palais Royal* (Brussel)

La Truffe Noir* (Brussel)

Manoir Stuivenberg* (Varsenare)

The Jane** (Antwerpen)

La Villa in the Sky** (Brussel)