Dating Blunder

I bet this will be one of the best read items on my site based on the title. This is too funny not to share. Thank god for self-irony!

Do you ever dream that Mr. Right is just living around the corner? But you just haven’t met him yet because of timing? Well, I do. So, when my dating App actually matched me to somebody living almost next to me, my hope was restored. But why haven’t I met this guy yet in my daily life?

After some chit-chat with Mr. Nextdoors, we agreed on meeting each other. We both knew of course what is interesting to do in the surroundings and you don’t have to explain how to navigate to your place (to arrange a pick-up, of course). So that makes things easy. We decided to go to the beach for a dinner-date.

My date offered to pick me up. I was like, hello, you drive past my house, so “what a kind gesture”, but whatever hahahaha. It was an OK-date. No risks, no blunders (hold on, hold on). No real sparks, but sometimes that takes time (right? Right? Right???). The best thing of the date was that this guy was really into astrology/ horoscopes (I’m too much down to earth for this). And he tried to answer some questions (about my future) I had by reading cards. COOL!

The week after, he sent me a hand written card with an invitation. HOW COOL! He definitely earned bonus points on this one! Unfortunately, I couldn’t accept his invitation (because of timing, guys, timing!).

Back to the shame-part. At weekdays, I almost never wear make-up. First of all, it is better for my skin to give it a rest, but second, I cycle to work every day, and every time I wear make-up, it is like if the weather is trying to make a water painting on my face^^. I’m quite used to my make-up less face, I wouldn’t say it looks ugly, but yes, a little different, I can agree to.

One day, after a long day at work and a stormy/ rainy bicycle ride home, I decided to cycle immediately to the supermarket. I was minding my own business, in my own state of mind. OH MY, the shock I got when I realized I was actally standing next to this guy! There was no way to escape! One moment I thought of running away haha. But that was no option, so said “Hi!”. The guy looked up and looked at me really funny. I bet he was thinking “WHO IS THIS”, I saw the question marks on his face. OH MY GOD, then I realized he did not recognize me!!! Hahahah!!! Was a horror. I started talking and suddenly he did know who I was (I have a recognizable voice). I turned completely red and totally ashamed hahaha! I wish I could disappear on the spot!!!

It crossed my mind to go to change super market. But it couldn’t get any worse anyway. Now, every time I go to the super market directly after work, I ACTUALLY SEE HIM! Hahaha! Isn’t it funny that for years, you don’t even came accross somebody, and then suddenly you see them ALL THE TIME? Meant to be? No, that not haha. But it was funny and every time I see him, I have to think of this first shame-moment. And actually I think he now also is used to my make-up less face^^.