Dazzling Date

My friends tell me often about disappointing dates. I can’t complain at all. Let me tell you a story about one of my first date-experiences. It was already some time back. But how can I ever forget a guy who gave me so much to remember?

It all started at an online dating platform. Some (narrow minded) people have an aversion to online dating. And I have to admit: I had it as well. But it turned out it is big fun! So many nice people.

I had a match with a guy who looked a lot like my ex-boyfriend (this sounds SO bad). By starting with polite questions, we slowly got to know each other. A hard working, self-made man. He got my attention! Soon I found out that there was also a downside to this. It was very hard to make an appointment, being a hard-working horse girl myself as well. But, we fixed a date.

You won’t believe what he said! “I saw your bucket list on your website. Let’s go to the restaurant you mentioned”. Oh my, he was aiming at the two-star restaurant in Brussels (The Villa in the Sky) which was on my bucket list back then. I was in complete awe! I had to give my e-mail address and soon the train tickets slided in my Inbox. WOW. First class ticket to Rotterdam, continued by a first class ticket to Brussels, by Thalys!

It was D-day. Thursday. I told my manager that I was off in the afternoon and that I didn’t know when I would be back. He raised his eyebrow and smiled. “Many people say they live life to the fullest, but you are one of the only ones who really does it. And you do that right! Enjoy life”. Best compliment ever!

Sometimes you have to trust the process – and the guy you are with. I was wearing “travel clothes” (and high heels). And packed my fancy dress for the night. Without expectations, I took the bus to Leiden to arrive a little too early by train (it’s a first) in Rotterdam. Time to find my date. I immediately saw him and I think we were cracking out laughing after 5 minutes talk! This was such a good sign! We both didn’t wear pink :-).

The trip in the Thalys was amazing, the train was running SO fast. I opened the bottle of Champagne I brought (he told me earlier that Champagne was overrated). And the waitress served us food (first class lifestyle). After a 10 minutes discussion what to chose (sweet or savory; what a choice for a woman), in the end he still ate my dish. The vibe in the carriage was excellent.

Well, she definitely fell for you!

His reaction, when I told him I don’t fall for girls after a girl accidentally fell on my lap in the Thalys

Suddenly I realized I forgot to tell I was vegetarian (already 26 years). So I called the restaurant, expecting that they spoke Dutch (or English). That was a deception. In the middle of my story, a tunnel made an abrupt end to our not-so easy going phone con in Frenglish. I trusted the restaurant got the point so I left it there. Time for some more jokes, fun and laughter until we arrived in Brussels!

Remember, I still had no idea if (and what) my date planned. It was pouring down with rain and it seemed everybody in Brussels was waiting for a taxi at the same time. I wasn’t really looking forward to standing in the rain, so I proposed to get a drink first in a nearby bar. Since my date apparently was a real wine barbarian, I asked the waiter to make two Espresso Martini’s which didn’t tasted quite as good as I had hoped for. It didn’t matter; the guy didn’t like it anyway but we were still having fun. And he revealed his plans for the night.

When there were more taxis than people, we headed back and we went to a brilliant hotel on the Avenue Louise. What a start! I dolled up myself and he took me (walking) to a nearby wine bar, which he already looked up on beforehand. WOW! After some red wines, we headed to the restaurant.

Remember; this restautant was on my bucket list, so it was all VERY special, I was thrilled by excitement (understatement). No words can describe the feeling of actually standing there, in my favorite, exclusive restaurant, at the top of on of the highest buildings in Brussels. Amai!

Apparently, they did not get the point about me being vegetarian at all (how strange). Happy-go-lucky as we were, we were catered with the best service. The best part was that my main course was truffle risotto. I was already in a high rooftop restaurant. But at that point I went literally to heaven. I absolutely felt like a princess.

No words can describe this evening. The fun, the laughter, the chemistry. Which lasted till we parted in Rotterdam. And as the Thalys carried on, I still get carried away when I look back to this adventure.