Astrid & Espresso Martini are THE ingredients to a great night! Being a Champagne addict, I did not hear about this heavenly coffee before, until last year. When “somebody” suggested it to me, I was like YIKES! I don’t like the drink Martini. Little did I know that there is no Martini in this drink at all. The drink is in Martini. In a Martini-glass to be more specific. This drink gives you so much energy. And, not unimportant, it is HEAVENLY to drink. Being a coffee lover, you can wake me up in the middle of the night for this. Side note: I WILL be awake after. And happy. Looking at my image roll, I collected quite some memories pictures of Espresso Martini. For me, they tell a great story, they describe a great night

Place: Bar TwentySeven
City: Amsterdam
Trivia: I LOVE this spot! The Hotel is AWESOME. Not many people go here, it is one of my favorite special places where all my senses are always indulged. The drink is nice as well, though :-). And so are many cocktails. Bring a filled wallet (or be prepared to do lots of dishes).

Place: Down under
City: Nieuwegein
Trivia: After strolling in a castle, the best you can do is go for nacho-lunch and Espresso Martini’s. This one was WAAYYY to sweet, ug!

Place: Millers
City: Den Haag
Trivia: Normally, we go here to party our until we can’t walk (I still love wearing heels, but not always). To come here after cinema and enjoy Espresso Martinis, sitting in the VIP-area, was something new. Something nice, though.

Place: Andaz
City: Amsterdam
Trivia: My MOOOOOOST favourite spot, to drink the BEST Espresso Martinis you can possible get! So many good memories :-).

Place: Izakaya
City: Amsterdam
Trivia: YUP. This is def. the second-best Espresso Martini I had. I couldn’t chose whether to drink Champagne or Espresso Martini. “So, take both” he said. And an amazing night was born.

Place: Tunes bar / Conservatorium Hotel
City: Amsterdam
Trivia: I was already sipping my Espresso Martini while my friend ordered a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de blancs. So, deja-vu, and another fantastic evening.

Place: A tapas bar
City: Dusseldorf, GER
Trivia: My boyfriend said “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. And ordered beer. I said “Espresso Martini”.

Place: The Hotel
City: Brussels, BE
Trivia: It looks so nice. It tasted so shitty. So watery. The aftertaste was aweful. Oh, the cocktail you mean?

Place: Brasserie Appelmans
City: Antwerp, BE
Trivia: Espresso Martini for brunch is always a good idea. It came with a snapshot-experience. Not always a good idea this early.

Place: MOMO
City: Amsterdam
Trivia: God, I love this place. Beautiful people. Awesome music. Everything supercool. Perfect drinks. Last time I came here at daytime with my friend, who took her babyboy. “Make him a virgin drink, pref. with blue and pink”. And they nailed it. Strawberry on top. Super healthy.

Place: Bar The Tailor
City: Amsterdam
Trivia: Another of my favorite spots. Strange way to serve an Espresso Martini. But it is kinda different and I like it.

Place: Gold Bar / Hotel Indigo
City: The Hague
Trivia: “You are welcome in our bar, please follow me”. Be prepared, the lady is taking you to an old safe where they used to keep bars of gold. WHAT an amazing place!

Place: Bar Bitterbal
City: Amsterdam
Trivia: Don’t go to the toilet. It is a trap! Dangerous staircase. Just… Don’t. What an epic night though.

Place: Jamey Bennett
City: Den Haag
Trivia: it was the first time the bartender mixed this drink. This was definitely the EM that took the longest time to make.

Place: Havana
City: Den Haag
Trivia: no Espresso Martinis on the menu. Don’t worry, said the bartender, I’ll fix one for you. I look happy. How can I not be. Espresso Martinis and nachos is never too bad^^.

Place: Butcher secret kitchen
City: Amsterdam
Trivia: everything here is a secret (try to come in), but I will not keep it a secret that the cocktails here are AMAYY. Normally, they make you a cocktail based on what you tell what you like. I told them to make an Espresso Martini and that was good enough.

Place: ROEM streetfood & culinair restaurant
City: Den Haag
Trivia: it was the first time the bartender mixed this drink.