My Haflinger Horse Calysa and I were selected to participate in the European Championship for Haflingers in Austria (Stadl Paura). 

The banner in the main arena

There was an official opening/ presentation of all nation teams. The Netherlands has two studbooks so also two teams. 

Team KVTH – the Netherlands
And team NHPS, our team
Representatives of the Netherlands

The day after the opening, it was time for our first competition. Calysa and I participated at the highest level and we had to do a classic dressage test first – the fei regionals games individual competition test.

Warming up
Warming up
Warming up – flying change
Warming up – half pass in canter
Warming up – half pass in canter
Warming up – a little relaxation in between
Warming up – time for some real work
Warming up – it was so hot and sunny
The brow bands of our team were sponsored by Bayon Six Frontriemen
A little more action in the hind legs
Time to go to the main arena for the test
Flying change
Almost ready

I know we could do better, so for the second test, I wanted a little more. Unfortunately, we did not have a really good starting number (almost as first), but we were going for it! Calysa felt really good in the warming up.

Warming up for the dressage freestyle test
The saddle pads of our team were sponsored by Chebelle Ruitersport
Some more action
Canter, nice on the hind hand
In the main arena to perform our test
Nice on the hind hand
Almost ready