His side of the story

This is REALLY cool. A guy proposed to tell his version of a first date with me. I really LOVE this idea and his story! And also the way he writes. Enjoy^^.

“I’m always nervous for a date. People call it healthy tension. Sometimes though, I cannot call it healthy. Maybe the reason I don’t date very often.

But somehow, the morning before I’d meet Astrid, I was relaxed. The fore play-texting showed an intellectual, but also a soul connection, and after two phone calls (I never do that, but it felt right) it felt like meeting her would be the right thing to do. So we blocked the whole afternoon, to give ourselves some leeway.

In the subway (she hates the subway, but agreed to take train and bus for me – which was a tall order for her, addicted to her pink voiture) we exchanged our live locations and I quoted a certain Mr Hay: “no more speed I’m almost there, gotta keep cool now gotta take care”. Points for her, she recognised them immediately. Radar Love.

Finally Meeting Her felt good. She stood there, with red pants, black leather coat and eyes hidden behind sunglasses, her hair a nice mess (she had no ribbon, but I liked it that way) and lovely high heels, leaning against the wall, smiling away.

After three kisses and contemplating about visiting the center like tourists do, we decided to Uber ourselves to the lounge of a hotel which shall not be named here. We drank Espresso Martinis there in a very nice place, sitting close to each other, on what felt like velvet. We told each other about family, and tried to impress each other in all ways possible.

Then we decided to take a stroll along the canals and we ended up in the galleries which we had promised ourselves beforehand. After that, and deciding not to buy anything there due to a shortage in cash flow, we ended up in the first cinema, which was filled with screaming children and not showing any films we were interested in. So we decided to Uber ourselves to the second cinema, only to end up there ten minutes too late. The film hall was closed. But there was a lot to do there. We bought some fudge, tasted some and bought nachos and champagne. A tasty combination.

Free as we felt, we decided to take the nachos and the champagne to another part of the building which happened to be a restaurant itself. But we didn’t care. The worst thing that could happen was to be sent away by the personnel. With that in mind, we sat there and looked each other deep in the eyes. But her bag was between us. I ordered her to take it away, which did not seem a very bold move then. She obeyed and I felt this urge coming up. I wanted to kiss her, there and then. So I gently grabbed her and moved my lips towards hers. Kissing her felt great. I started caressing her and kissed her neck and the area around her ear. After a couple of minutes I stood up, endorphins pumping through my veins. This feeling, no drug can possibly beat that.

Time to take a quick toilet break, kiss some more and Uber ourselves once again. This time to her train, leaving from Central Station. Making out in the back seat, feeling a mixture of gratefulness to have her with me but sadness to let her go. The Uber took forever so we had a lot of time for each other before the inevitable goodbye. After a last kiss I walked back, I got the world on a string, sitting on a rainbow.”