…A make-up tutorial. I do this too little. And then I mean: making time to sit and watch YouTube. But this time, I couldn’t resist!

I really like following the shop “Reinders Food Fashion” on Instagram:


The fashion they show is amazing. And the make-up of the owner is ALWAYS on fleek. So when she decided to film a tutorial, I made time immediately to watch.

Click to watch

She shared some nice tips and trics!

Use fixing spray over your day cream, but before your foundation.


I used to do this in the past out of laziness. Instead of day cream, I used an oil (Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil). And then on top, a spray (Smashbox Photo Finsih Primer Water). The result was a super glowy base.

I don’t know why I changed this routine to be honest. Maybe the combination of oil AND water was a bit too much in summer. Maybe my oil was finished. I cannot recall. Anyway, after watching the tutorial, I applied the Primer Water on top of my Guerlain day cream. And I was very happy with the result. The dry patches above and on top of my nose where history.

Apply contour in a the shape of a banana.


Well, I guess you have to watch the tutorial to understand this. I try different things from time to time to perfect my contour. So it is always nice to trying new methods.

I like make-up in brown tones.


And so do I! In the video, Rome explains that she uses white eyeshadow all over her lid (which I never did) and just brown in the crease. That’s it!

In general, I really liked the colors she uses. I noted her choice of foundation is much darker than her skin tone, and tried to give that a go as well. It made me look much healthier. And luckily I had still a lot of foundations left of which I thought were too dark. It is tricky. But for me, it worked. Although I did not go for Drastic Darker.

Her choice for lip color is amazing as well; all the lip items she uses will appear on my make-up wish list for sure!

When applying mascara on your lower lashes, make sure you coat as close to the lid as possible.


It indeed gives you the illusion of a “line” between the hairs. Making the eyes look bigger. NICE!

And now the fun part: after seeing (and studying) this tutorial, I decided that I definitely NEED some more make-up! This look is suitable for every day and very chic, so it is worth the investment, right? SOOOO, here it is!

Lip liner

MAC lip liner
Boldly bare


Douglas Mad Matte
Bold Almond


MAC matte lipstick

Contour brush

MAC large angled contour brush

That’s just about it! I already have all other things to re-create this look in a second. So I guess I will do a recreation soon. After I scored above items. I’ll be back.

In the mean time, make sure to watch the tutorial :).