Is it worth the hype?

When it comes to dating via Internet, I have to admit I was rather behind on my competition. I always said that I didn’t need it. And I think it is a total turnoff when a guy you date opens his phone, and the Tinder-notifications are popping up. It’s a no for me!

But, then comes the moment. You just come out of a failed romance. I had the feeling that I would never fall in love again. Everybody around me was in relationships. There are no single guys around anymore, I thought. Boy, I was wrong.

On a sunny whit Sunday in 2018 at the beach, my friend told me she met a really nice guy through the dating app Happn. The guy she dated really sounded nice. Hope in guys restored! And, After all, Happn is no Tinder.

For the people not knowing Happn: you see all the people you cross paths with and who also installed this App. You don’t always have to see them. Sometimes you are just in your house. And you don’t want Prince Charming to drive by without noticing, right? I know you should never “search” and I know the best things happen unexpectedly, but it never hurts to help destiny a little bit. Let the search begin!  

Already soon after installing, the first smiling faced pictures appeared on my screen. I felt I still have a lot of difficulties with appreciation based on a few pictures only. First off, remember that these are probably the best pictures the person has of his good self. I also came to know that some people apparently use pictures from at least 5 years old (#sorrynotsorry, ex-boyfriend, I saw the 7-year-old pictures on your Happn-profile).

And what says a picture? My favourite ex-boyfriend (boy, this sounds wrong) wasn’t the cutest to see, but I would die to meet somebody with his characteristics. And isn’t it very sketchy to like a guy only because of how he looks?

What shocked me, are all the profiles without text. I like people who know who they are and what they want. Be a little creative! Looks fade, guys. And then it is very quiet. I like people who makes an effort. And yes, sometimes you stumble against VERY creative profiles. This is what we like and it might take 10 minutes to push the buttons on the phone.

Then, there is another hick-up at Happn. Ones profession (and schooling history) is stated in the profile. Hurray – this is obligatory at Happn. Very nice, but I have never come across so many “managers” in my life. It is just remarkable. Remember, ladies have high hopes when dating an important manager!

Cupid is doing his best and soon the first matches were made. And than it comes: getting to know the significant other. This cost time. And all the “hey, how are you?”, “what do you do for living” and “how was your weekend”-s are not always motivating to keep a conversation running.

But some conversations are so nice, so creative, you almost look forward to the notification of a new message. And there are people who also don’t like to spend all their time just composing the best messages, but actually also want to meet up.

When you really like somebody, you have to do some efforts. I personally don’t want to be just a cookie in somebody’s cookie jar. And I prefer quality above quantity. I don’t want to waste my time on somebody who is simultaneously dating different girls, or always looking for a next dating victim. Love is about having time for each other and making time for each other. And the grass on the other side is always greener.

Do I date often? You see, I really would like to find a new soulmate, a new guy with whom I can build something nice and meaningful. Make new memories! But I’m not going to meet up with everybody. But when a guy is creative (in coming up with a date), if it feels good, yes! Let’s do it!

So, back to dating Apps in general. Is it worth it? Looking back, I think I really met REALLY nice guys, who I would not have met outside Happn. Also, I do think that it takes time and efforts. A LOT of time and efforts. To getting to know somebody, to select the ones which are worth the time and energy. I still believe that my Prince is out there, waiting for me.

If I meet him through an App or not: I don’t really care. As long as I meet him, I’m ready^^. Ready to remove the dating App from my phone for good.