Wake up and get ready for fabulous food and a glamorous party at the Supreme Brunch. The Izakaya Supreme Brunch is more of an all day party than a boring brunch. Think champagne and cocktails, entertainment, DJs and fabulous Japanese food at the Sir Albert, a cosmopolitan cool hotel in de Pijp. The chic crowds come out to celebrate the end of the weekend with drinks and dancing.

Awesome Amsterdam

It was a beautiful, sunny Sunday. A perfect day for a “shopping spree”-session at the Branded Per Kilo by Vintage per Kilo®-sale. My car strangely decided to park near de PC Hooftstraat. And whilst walking thought the Vondelpark, my friend called. “Do you want to have brunch with me at Izakaya this afternoon?”, he asked. I had no idea.

I looked up the place at Internet. Okay, a fancy sushi place, looks good. I arranged Uber to pick me up. It was the strangest ride of all times. Me and the driver were having a big argument about Sinterklaas (to be more specific: about zwarte Piet). I was happy to reach the Sir Albert-hotel. We still rewarded each other with 5 stars^^.

Oh my, the feeling when I entered Izakaya! I was not quite sure if I was at the right destination, it looked a bit like a birthday party? But, this guy always surprises me. And the waiter confirmed our reservation.

He and his friends were delayed, so the waiters guided me to our seats. Were I could look around (what an entourage! What a beautiful people!). And take a look at the menu. And order a drink :-).

Did I told you already that the entourage was awesome? The theme of this brunch was “Candy”. Every brunch there is a different theme. Because we were a “little” late, so we got almost all the dishes at once on the table.

And from the other side of the table.

Those are not my sunglasses

I don’t eat meat, so instead of the meat-dishes, they catered me something else. VERY nice!

You weren’t looking at my dish right, but at my beautiful company^^

When the food was finished, and just after desert was served, something special happened. All the curtains came down, creating almost total darkness. And suddenly all personnel walked in with fireworks bottles! This was SO COOL! There was a DJ as well, somebody on the sax, dancers on the table where we just ate… What a party. I just cannot describe – you just have to come to believe! 

I couldn’t decide whether to drink Champagne or Espresso Martini. “Take both”, he said. So I did. Everything pairs well with Perrier Jouet Champagne after all.

The DJ was wearing something SO COOL! It is a very exclusive shirt from WIA collections. I’m a fashion victim, I know.

Dance the day away

After the party, there was an afterparty at the Secret kitchen of Butcher (cocktails). And after the afterparty it was still not time for bed. Since it all started with “just a brunch”.

Making memories

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