L’amour Francais (EN)

Help! I have literally nothing to wear! I’m looking at a pile of clothes, that is slowly getting the same proportions as the mount Everest. So many clothes and still nothing suitable to wear for tonight. It is a hot summer evening. I can’t get away with black trousers. Besides, I have a mission. I have high hopes that my crush is coming tonight as well. Last time I saw him, I screwed up badly, so this is my last chance.

I see Pip walking to the pile of clothes, ready to spread her hairs onto it. God, I’m dreaming away, I’m running late, again. I decide to go for leather shorts – at least there are no dog hairs on it – and tights, my legs are not summer proof yet to show bare. And also, being Midsummernight, I think it is a bit late to worry about this. Tights will do the job for now. Bye, Pipi, see you later, girl.

I can still win some minutes by driving maximum speed. That my car is making so much noise that I can barely hear the music is quite annoying. With the money spent on this special edition, pink car, I could have easily afford a better car. And I have to admit that maintenance is also not my favorite topic to spend my well-earned money on.

It is a wonder that I reach the destination without detours. I traveled to this place the day before. But with me, you never know. Apparently I’m not a topographical wonder. Oh help, it is super busy! I see a car leaving near the entrance. I have a mission now – avoiding to hit anybody and get the car in the free spot. I see that I’m not the only one with this mission, and I feel that I’m not the one who is first in line, but my car is small and agile, and pink, so I claim the spot and ignore the irritated face from the big BMW’s driver, who was ready to park in my spot.

Wanda is already waiting at the entrance. It is good to see her again, although I pictured it differently when we made this appointment. I thought I could tell her how well my competition went the day before, and that I earned my promotion points in this dressage cup. Not to brag, not at all, but to inspire. I’m telling myself. But the competition was a big disaster and now the only thing I hope is that Wendy is not asking anything about it.

The sun is still shining. Good thing, at least I can wear my sunglasses, which are really the biggest ones you can find. I must look totally cool when I see my crush. Last chance. “Hey Wanda, I also asked Rob to come”. Rob is a “kind of” ex boyfriend, we never really had anything, but we never really broke up either. We both like to play hard to get and we will never agree that we like each other. So when he says that he is coming, I can never really be sure. But Rob likes parties and especially when it is a combination of horse shows, music, drinks and (especially) horse riding girls.
In the mean time we arrived at the main arena, cheerfully chatting.

Wanda loves to talk about her horses. Wow, it is much busier and bigger than I expected. Even if my crush is here, it will be a tough job to find him. I imagined me sitting comfortable at the tribune, with my sunglasses on and a glass of wine in one hand, but because it is so busy, there is no other option than to stand next to the show arena. I wished I would not wear the highest heels, since right now, we are standing on a grass field, my heels slowly sinking in the soil. Not very feminine.

“Hey, colleague”, I hear from a distance, seeing Brenda approaching with her husband Willem. “Nice kinky pants you’re wearing”, he says. “Isn’t that a nice cowboy for you”, nodding at the arena. There is a show with trick riders going on. As a dressage rider, I can’t really be bothered. We don’t really have much to talk about, so my colleague and Willem move on. Such a relief they did not ask about my disaster-competition. Usually, they always ask when it went terrible, but never when it went really well. God is with me for this one time.

“I need some wine”, I say to Wanda, after seeing some shows. Actually, I’m getting a little bored. It will be good to walk around a little, increasing the chances to “accidentally” bump into my crush. Wine is always a good excuse. Strumbling on my high heels to the bar, I see many acquaintances. But not my crush. And there is no way I could overlook him. As his posture and especially his ego normally fills the space.

Suddenly my phone is ringing, It’s Rob. “Where are you?”. This is going to be a challenge to find each other. But when I look up, I immediately see his smiling face. “It’s destiny” he whispers in my ears, while he is kissing my cheeks by means of greet. Although it is already around 21h00, it is still hot. But I’m not getting any warmer from Rob’s greeting.
Rob pulls out a can of beer from his pocket, while the band starts to play. “Let’s make some Selfies”, I propose. I immediately post them to my Facebook. At least my crush can see where I am. I still feel he is somewhere around. He will never miss an opportnity to show off in an equestrian event.

After some songs and much more wine, I’m starting to feel cold. Rob notices this and offers me his coat, which I kindly accept. It is getting busier and busier around the stage, since the shows are finished. The band is enjoying the attention and amping up the volume. I can’t stop looking around to look for my crush. “Look Ash, one of the trick riders is coming your way”, Wanda whispers with great excitement in my ear. I can’t really be bothered, but I have to admit, he looks really nice. He is carrying a baby Chihuahua on his arms. “Ah, so cute!”. “Thanks”, he replies, with a mysterious smile on his face. “He is for sale”. I really feel sorry for the little dog, being the maximum of 6 weeks of age. “Add me on Facebook, there you can find more pictures of my dogs” and so I do. Smart move, cowboy, you just scored my name. And my Facebook. He lifts the dog over to my arms and walks away. “At least now I have to come back to you”, he says, turning his had to me.

Wanda pulls on my jacket. On Rob’s jacket. “As, As, what was THAT?!”. I reply that it was nothing, that he just tries to sell me his dog. Which is really cute, but I have my own Pipi at home. I pray to God that the little one on my arms doesn’t have to go to the toilet. Before I know it, I see his owner walking towards me. Again, the mysterious smile. He has a beer in his hand. Thanks for offering me a drink, I wanted to say, but I’m totally speechless when I look into his blue eyes. He tells that he is from France. Like always after having a couple drinks, I tell him I actually do speak French, and we switch to French. But when he replies in French, I have no idea what he is talking about, so I just tell him I can’t hear what he is saying because of the loud music. He bends over and whispers in my ear “you are really beautiful”. And stares in my eyes. Suddenly, I start to feel drunk. Here I stand, in Rob’s coat, staring in the bluest eyes I have ever seen of a French cowboy I just met. “I have to go”, he says. And then, with great persuasion, he kisses me. The world stops turning. It is the best first kiss I ever had. He walks away. I look around me and I see Rob clearly watching me. When we catch eyes, Rob turns over to the girl next to him, laughing a little louder than necessary about her joke.