Once upon a time…
It was the 5th of July, 2019. One of the hottest days of 2019. My best friend saw my urge to escape. And kidnapped me on this very Friday morning. Going to work is cool, but dreaming away in a castle’s courtyard is always better.
At that time, I was not feeling too well. You can see this on the pictures very clearly. It is still a little hard for me to look at it (*tears). But, life is not about what happened to you. But how you deal with it. And what you do with it in the future. And after all, it was a beautiful day. Where I learned that I don’t want a castle (too much cleaning). But that I do want a super cool Prince and an awesome life, with all that comes with it.

Photography: Willem van den Nieuwenhuizen
Location: Kasteel de Haar, Haarzuilens

Glasses: Gucci
Jumpsuit: Guess
Shoes: Michael Kors
Bag: Guess
Jewelry: Michael Kors