The name of my Haflinger horse is Calysa. In Greek, this means something as “very beautiful”, so a very suitable name :-). Calysa is born in 2005.

I bought her in 2013. At that time, she was qualified to compete in Z1-level (dressage – horses). I started competing at M1-level. Because of my excellent trainer Els Schotman, who is very famous in the field of dressage, we are now competing succesfully in “Subtop” level. I’m VERY proud of this, because normally, you are not allowed to compete with a pony at this level, but I got dispensation, because of our excellent track record. Calysa is the best! 

In March 2017, we did a shoot with Lisette M and I love to share the pictures.

Do you ride dressage?