People were telling one another that a newcomer had been seen on the promenade — a lady with a dog. Dmitri Dmitrich Gurov had been a fortnight in Yalta, and was accustomed to its ways, and he, too, had begun to take an interest in fresh arrivals.

ANTON CHEKHOV [1860–1904] The Lady with the Dog

My dog, the best surprise, the best present ever, my everything, my best friend. Born in Belgium, her mom being a beauty champion (yes, this actually exists in Chihuahuaworld) who’s name is Diva, makes my dog a little Princess. Her original name is Princesa (Spanish), but having troubles with the pronunciation, she is been called Princess, later Pipi, now Pip. In future probably Pi or P.

I think many other dogs will be jealous when they hear about Pip’s adventures, but this is just a quick introduction of my little but best friend, my brown baby.

October 24, 2009

“Grab your stuff and get in the car.”
“We are going to Belgium.”
Oh nice, weekend trip!
“Yes, and we’re going to get a dog”.

And there she was :-). First night spent in a luxurious castle/ hotel. The beginning of a spoiled dog :-).

Pip the hotel dog

One of my favourite pictures! Sleeping in the Ralph Lauren suite of Pand Hotel in Brugge. The cleaners were fond of this little one.

Pip the diva dog

This picture tells it all! Pip was REFUSING to walk. She wanted to be carried. So, every time this happened (while walking), people were always really mad, like “ahhhh you can’t pull the dog like this :-(“. So, every time this happened, I decided to pick her up. And the lady got what she wanted. Being carried.

Pip the restaurant dog

I’m not really sure whether Pip liked it to accompany me to a Michelin star restaurant, but at that time, I was sure she did. At the Herborist/ Brugge, I could take her out of her designer bag. What a time to be alive haha. I still kinda like my hair here^^.

Pip the deco dog

She looks really happy with her hair decoration from “For Pets Only”. We were waiting to being picked up for Sinterklaas-celebration. She is becoming more and more beautiful, don’t you think?

Pip the champagne dog

Growing up so fast! See her spots are slowly fading? We bought her as expensive “Merle” color, but more and more I feel that the breeder just painted the spots on her to get more money. Here at de Librije in Zwolle (binnenplaats).

Pip the holiday dog

My dog has been through a lot of different hairstyles, for what me concerns. Here in St. Tropez, in an AMAZING hotel, in our sea view suite, click here. They were even serving “menu de chien”, room service especially for the dog, haha! Our car was parked in front of the hotel (special car), and everybody couldn’t resist looking inside. The only thing was that Pip was shedding hairs, so my seat was completely covered with hairs hahahahha.

Pip the walking dog

I love to walk – it keeps me fit. One day, I decided to walk to Sassenheim because the weather was nice and because I was bored. And I took Pip. In the beginning of the journey, Pip was really enthusiast and happy, walking fast and fierce. On the way back, she was not so happy anymore. I had to carry her the last few kilometers.

Pip the birthday dog

I really think every occasion is worth celebrating. I’m not really sure if my dog agrees.

Pip the jumping dog

My niece taught Pip jumping. Because we can’t keep jumping horses in the garden. Every Friday I bring Pip to my parents where she enjoys while I’m at work. Pipi really likes it, sometimes she is becoming too enthusiast^^.

Pip the fashion dog

Because it really looks good on a Selfie, not :-P? Pip is like a teddy bear, but she is my favorite teddy bear. We agreed that we will be together for many more years so I keep her to that promise.