The Unforgettable Date

So, I met this guy online and things weren’t going smooth at all in the beginning. First off, he borrowed someone else’s name on his profile and a his age was a “little” optimistic.

The convo went immediately the wrong way. I believe in his second message, he sent his number with the iconic message “just App me”. Wait, what? Why?

Later he messaged that he had a nice movie at his place and if I wanted to see it. HOLD YOUR HORSES! I’m not going to somebody’s place I don’t know. I messaged that we weren’t an ideal match and better could leave it here to avoid wasting each other’s time.

According to him, it was all a misunderstanding. He asked for my number (chic) and proposed a restaurant where he wanted to take me to (chic chic – I love a man with a plan). I decided to give it a go. He advised the details of our meeting. And I sent him my address to pick me up at that given time.

I know that navigating to my correct address is a big challenge for even the most advanced navigation instruments. My house is not located on the main road. So to avoid a “tour de Warmond” to find my doorstep, I always tell the address of my neighbors. “Just App when you’re there and I’ll come down”. In this particular case, it was of no difference.

“Princess, your vehicle has arrived”. Message from my date. Ah, I was still rushing. “2 min.” I Apped back. When I came outside, I was amazed! He parked his car, opened the door on my side, and put rose petals on the street. From the car to…

…the house of the neighbors! I remembered I gave him that address to navigate to, and that explained his surprised face expression when I came out of another door.

On the way to the restaurant, he told me he especially went to the flower store to get the freshest, pink roses. Which was quite a challenge in that time of the year. I was with my head in the clouds! He also told me he was a bit surprised I lived in a dentist (my neighbour is a dental office).

Of course, I immediately told this to my friends. “Corny romantic but absolutely unforgettable”. And I absolutely agree. What a way to make a first impression!

The morning after our date, he made me blush when I read his message:

“Woorden schieten te kort, THANKS for being my Princess Astrid Alida❤”.

Words cannot describe, according to my date

And when walking my dog that day, the rose petals on the street reminded me of this amazing, unforgettable evening.

Some girls just have all the luck! My neighbors didn’t even make a fuzz about the rose petals. And that tells it all. A hint of romance is impossible to resist.