I just need to buy several essentials and then I never need anything anymore :-). I need these to make the perfect combinations I have in mind. And my closet needs a summer upgrade, right? To keep my focus, I made this shopping list. And because I found many things on different site and I don’t want to forget/ overlook anything. SO, let’s not buy other things until I bought all thing (said no one ever :-)).

Color block hoodie Calvin Klein

This item is also on my wish list, see how bad I want it. Not everybody will like it. But that is why I like it! Find it here: Calvin Klein / XS / EUR119.90


I’m totally OBSESSED with these boots *heart smiley*! These are SO UNIQUE and looks cool under EVERYTHING (also shorts)! Imagine wearing some cool socks in it. WOW! But, the price…… They are selling out quickly on the Diesel-site, I’m SO AFRAID I will be too late :-((. Find it here: Dressin / size 40 / EUR325

Trasher ladies tank top

This was already on my wish list last year, but then suddenly winter came in. I would like to wear this oversizes (bigger size), so that you can see the sport top I would wear under it. Perfect for everything, but I would also wear it under a suit for example (but I’m crazy). You can find it everywhere, but for example here: Sickboards / size M / EUR39.95

Guess pumps Lalah

I don’t think I have to explain any further why I want these? This is SO MY STYLE! Also, I really like Guess fitting and shoes. You can find them here: Zalando / size 40 / EUR164.95

Elias Rumelis Selena gelb / yellow

So, yes, I have the Selena already in red, in green, in royal and in black but I LOVE it! It is SO UNIQUE! Since yellow is the trend this year, I found out that they had a yellow one in a previous collection. OMG, I NEED IT! It is to be found on the internet still, I’m not gonna tell where 😉 since quite rare. I like to wear these oversizes, I have some in M, some in S size. By the way, looking back, the Trasher-top will also look NICE on this!

Ganni Everman

I’m IN LOVE with long sleeves. I love baggy pants (and the reeboks with the straps) and then it looks really nice to wearing just a fitted long sleeve tee on top. Otherwise it will all be too bulky. I know (and love) the quality (and most important fitting) from Ganni. This is of couse a masterpiece. And it will look good on all my colored pants^^. Find it here: Bijenkorf / size S / EUR99

Guess pumps Tiffy

Aaaaaaaand another ME item! Looks also nice under the baggy pants. These are everythingggggggg. Guess really did a good job on this year’s styling. Find them here: About you / size 40 / EUR189

Zoe Karssen lips sweater velours

So, this is a pic from last year. I think I fitted the sweater 100 times but didn’t buy. And now I regret it. It is SO SOFT! Everybody will want to cuddle. I heard that Zoe Karssen went bankrupt? I personally think that is a bad thing because I really liked it. Maybe a bit too “different”. I found it now in sale, I think it is one of the last pieces. I found it here: Deslcher / size XS / EUR65.

T-shirts Costes heart tee

I really like these. Very marine style, very much St. Tropez. Further, I LOOOOOVE the fitting of Costes!!! They do an EXCELLENT job. That is why I LOOOVE to come here. Don’t you think these shirts combine perfectly with my colored pants? Leather jacket over it? What do you think? You can find them here: Costes / size XS / EUR25

Zoe Karssen sweater

This one I fitted in 2017 already but lost out of sight. I recently found it on one of my favourite sites, YOOX! It is a designer outlet! Check it out. You can find it here: YOOX / size XS / EUR89

Bonus: Scotch & soda dress

This one is bonus because I don’t NEED it, but I ordered it some time back at Zalando, fitted it and fell in love. It really looks like a Star track dress^^. But, it is not cheap and I don’t know when I’ll wear it. Although… It will look good with the white Diesel boots. Mmm…….. You can find it here: Zalando / size XS / EUR119.90