The energy of emotions is very powerful. It influences your mood. And the mood of people you meet. I think most people are not aware of this.

You know you can really play a kind of ping-pong with emotions? When your boyfriend for example is mad at you, he flushes all kinds of negative emotions to you. Not only via talk or text, but also via non-verbal communication. Energy. Maybe he is (a little) relieved when he is done, but you now have all this negative energy on you. You feel bad. And maybe mad. And you also want to get rid of those feelings. So you want the have the final word and start fighting back. Or react to somebody else, someone close to you. And then the game starts all over again.

In the end, is it all worth it, will it make the situation better to start this spiral of negativity? Not at all, I would say. Now I know this and am aware of this, before I want to criticize something or somebody, I ask myself if it it worth it. I tell myself I will probably get some negativity in return. Sometimes it is better to swallow words. A few hours later, you will notice that your own negativity level is dropped already. It comes, it goes.

Everybody is walking its own path of life. Whenever somebody is mad or not feeling good, it has nothing to do with you personally. He is facing troubles on his path. You are just an extra (figurant) in their life, crossing his path. Everybody is its own main character in his own “movie”. We all have to respect that from each other. That has nothing to do with egoism or narcism. It is your life, create whatever you want! But realize that you get back what you give. And that you and your emotions are of great influence on someone’s else’s life.

Nobody is perfect. Keep this in mind. And be careful with your (negative) energy. Be forgiving – for your own well being – and put your power in something else – not in negativity. Experience with this and see what happens. Try to swallow words sometimes. Trust that emotions will fly over. See what happens when somebody is flushing his negativity on you. How does this influence you?

Of course, this also works the other way around. With positivity. Try to be positive to people. And now see what happens! Again, you will get back what you gave.

Good luck :-).