It has been a while since I posted a weekly. Sometimes, things change. But I’m not afraid of changes. And actually, it is always good to see the opportunities that change bring. And focus on these chances. Instead of focusing on the negative always. Take them!

I’m happy that not everybody is the same and I would encourage everybody to dare to be different. Do it! I decided to keep on being myself as that seems to be much easier. Then to pretend to be someone else, somebody normal :-P. Be happy and positive and treat everybody the way you want to be treated – it pays off! And don’t forget that everybody just want to have fun. So forget the problematic lifestyle and start living the life YOU want. It is not always necessary to making a fuzz out of anything – only when it concerns food and/ or wines hahahahah. Then it might be worth it^^ (sorry, baby).


Wendy is my horse-friend. I met her at a dressage competition in Ermelo back in 2017. She is a real horse girl. But sometimes I can confince her to do some non-horse-stuff (haha), like going to vinyl parties, cinema etc. Great time! Wendy is cool. Today, we would go shopping in Hoofddorp. It was time to fix our summer wardrobe. I was earlier in Hoofddorp then we agreed, but I already had the feeling I would be needing more time. We both bought a lot of nice stuff^^. After, I took Wendy out for dinner since it was her birthday the next day. We went to Woodstone. Hoofddorp is nice!


In the morning, I went running. After, I went to my horse. But he was really wild and (accidentally) kicked me :-(. My leg hurted as hell, my knee was making a strange “knick”-sound. Not good. I decided to go swimming after (already planned), so, there I was, walking in the most chic pool of the surroundings, in my Febo-pants and with my horse shoes^^. Not to forget my candy pink jacket to complete the outfit. I’m always SUPER relaxed when in the swimming pool and everybody is always being very cool to me here. When finished, I take a coffee and “dry up”, so no struggles in the changing room with humid clothes^^. I also went skateboarding. so, an active day.


I worked till 13h, then took off to go to WhatsApp for my weekly training with my coach. After, I got back to work, worked for some hours and then went back to the stables to ride my friend Storm^^. It was nice weather, so Denise (Storm’s owner) proposed to take some pics. I never say no to that, I LOVE pics! But, the thing worrying me most, is that I was not prepared for that so I had no matching clothes haha^^ (blue helmet, black outfit, what a faux-pas). But Denise emphasized it was only to practice for her and that a real shoot would follow soon. The pics however look very nice, good job.


Oh, my, I cannot even recall, should have been a most boring day haha. I received this picture from the new owner of Calysa. I really like it. The cutest horse ever! In the night, I watched “Opsporing Verzocht”, the only program I really watch and follow on TV haha.


Work is nice, but balance is best. So, I was off in the afternoon and went to “Como & Co” for lunch. Sitting outside near the fireplace isn’t a bad thing. After, I viisted my parents in Sassenheim and went to WhatsApp. We had a little “relation crisis” after he almost throwing me off in the outdoor arena, but I thougt “what the heck” and did it again. This time he was really sweet so I was happy I tried it again and showed him he can’t scare me^^.


Blunder! With this weather, I want to ride my scooter. Scooter is ideal, no parking issues, whoohoo! I always bring my scooter to my parents in the winter, so it can sit there in the shelter. So, I went running to my parents, even ran a little further to make more kilometers, and started cleaning my scooter afterwards. The idea was that I would go back on my scooter after cleaning. I was really proud of the result! I said “byeeeeeeeeeeee” to my Parents and……….. the scooter did not start :-(. I really hope it is because of the water, and that it will work some days after. Let’s see. Anyway, I had to run back again (5km). With my wet clothes, wet shoes, injured ankle (I suck at kickstarting). Good job, girl #not.


What a beautiful day! I worked till 14h30, then we went to Rotterdam for a business meeting. Dinner and drinks in Rotterdam! The traffic was terrible, but that’s not a bad thing driving in the amazing car of my manager, with an amazing sound system. We went to Hotel New York. We had the best food, oysters, shellfish, falafal, mmm. And OK, now they are all addicted to Espresso Martini^^. I was back home 1h15. WHAT A BRILLIANT NIGHT, such good vibes! I really had an amazing time. HAPPY!