Finally I can feel the warmth of the upcoming summer! I’m always terrible cold, and being outdoors as much as I am; that is not always fun.

What is the general impression about these two weeks? Well, first of all, my health was a little below level. I never complain about health because I do think you can really make things “bigger” for yourself than they really are. But now I did went to the doctor, because I was 100% sure I had kidney infection again. And of course, I did not have it in the end, haha^^. I felt better instantly. Also, I experienced that people can really make things difficult. Their personality is really in their way. Their life would be so much easier, and especially so much more fun when they snap out of it. But ah well, it is their problem, definitely not mine, I’m just an “extra” (figurant) in their life.


Saturday was amazing! I was still feeling good haha. In the morning, I went running and after, I went to ride WhatsApp as usual. Then, I got off to Hoofddorp. Last week, I bought some really bargain shirts and I wanted to buy 3 more^^. So I can put my own print on it. I already asked my creative family to create some art for it. Brilliant shopping session! Saw many nice things, which you can find here. I always try things on nobody else would buy haha^^, so I end up in the most strange shops.
In the evening, we went to my favorite place to drink my favorite drinks – cocktails and red wines. Not bad, not bad at all. I finally got the chance to really dress up and look at my best. Which I love. Because horse riding clothes are nice, but dresses are nicer. Feeling on top of the world!


What a brilliant day! I think I did not sleep for a minute, haha, but sleeping is for the weak anyway (sleeping for a week is #goals). Waking up with a sky like this gives energy. On our way to the beach, I really HAD to get Starbucks. It seemed like the entire Netherlands was going to Noordwijk. The traffic was horror, not to mention the parking. That is why I love my scooter so much. Anyway, when we wanted t o give up, we suddenly found a spot. And walked to my favorite place. You see, everybody goes to a beach restaurant. This place is not far from the beach but EMPTY! And I LOVE that! In the afternoon, I went to the birthday of my niece in Rotterdam. And after, I still had to go to WhatsApp who enjoyed a day off.


No training with my trainer today, I was having a meeting. So, I went to WhatsApp in the evening to ride him. This pic is from Sunday. Time to making new riding pictures of WhatsApp soon. I was not feeling too well, which you can also see a little on the picture.


I was struggling at work. Feeling sick! All night, I thought of calling in sick, but I actually never do that. My mom always thaught me to go and try anyways. If you really are sick, you can always go home after. Cycling to work 20km in this state was top sport. But, it is always fun chatting with my niece, going the same way to school. In the afternoon, I still decided to go to the doctor. After, I went home and took a long shower, drying up naturally, lying on the bed in the sun (I almost never go directly in the sun because that is just so bad for your skin). After, I went to WhatsApp who was off again. In the evening, I made myself a really nice bread loaf with falafal (how do you write this anyway?) and feta.


I don’t really have “something” with soccer, but I like to be updated (and know a little) about everything. I said it before; reading soccer is nicer than watching soccer. And so was the case with Ajax – Juventus today. I also rode WhatsApp. Somebody else was riding as well and apparently she knew me. She asked me if this was the horse I competed with on the really high level. I take this as a real compliment! I told her I sold Calysa and that this was my young star. She asked me who my trainer was. My trainer is #key!


When I was in a hotel recently, I discovered how much easier it was to doing my make-up with a ring-light mirror. I really hate to having too much make-up everywhere. And that was almost impossible with a good lighted mirror. I went online to look for something like this (the mirror from the hotel was a little too expensive and impossible to take hahahah) and found this. I immediately applied it (the AA-way, so not that tidy or well overthought). I really think it is not bad! And it costed like EUR18 only (incl. shipping). It works on LED and charger and even has dimmer function for softer light. Score!


In the morning, I went back to the doctor. She WAS running on time, till I got in haha. Since I never go to the doctor, I “saved” all my things. And now it was time to tackle them all^^. After, I went to work, where I made this pic in my break. I’m really happy with the make-up application with help of my light. And with this shirt (EUR1 from the kids department of the Primark – my secrect trick). We always have “happy hour” at work from 16h-17h. After, I went to WhatsApp but I was feeling terrible. SO COLD! I excused myself to him and went home, straight to bed. Not what I usually do, but I had not another choice today. Brrr cold.


YES! One year ago I had my first Subtop competition in Velsen. Soon after, they quit organizing this (and I sold my Subtop horse). But, this year they were organizing it again. NO DOUBT I wanted to volunteer again! It always gives me a lot of stimulance to see the best riders of the Netherlands riding and seeing how they are doing. Also, on the way to Velsen you pass a Starbucks^^. So that was a great treat/ breakfast after running in the morning. It was VERY busy on the road becuase of the Bloemencorso (what a joy living in the Keukenhof area) but I made it on time. The people at VarioHippiQue really did a good job. We were treated with the best foods, drinks, treats….. LOVE IT! In the mean time enjoying the best tests from the judging house where I was the secretary of the judge. Hope soon I can also ride Subtop again! But till that time, it is OK to be at these competitions this way as well.


I was asked again to volunteer at the Subtop dressage competition in Velsen today. Why not? And also, one weekend no shopping wouldn’t hurt either. I skipped running this morning as I was really not feeling well :-(. I didn’t skip my Starbucks-escape of course. Today I was sitting with another jury and it seems we were not going to be best friends. Let’s keep it with that :-). But professionally I think we were doing great, running smooth. In the end, things were absolutely getting better. In the end, I got some chocolates, but one judge was happy to swap his bottle of wine with my chocolates. I’m not big fan of chocolates (only of bonbons/ pralines). But yes, I’m a wine fan. I immediately checked the bottle on Vivino and everybody was cracking up laughing because of this hahhaha.