It was a week with two big disasters: Notre Dame caught fire and the Sri Lanka-attacks. Freedom is something people really underestimate or take for granted. It makes me really mad that people are fighting over small things. Realize what you have!

WhatsApp is trying me out, hahah. I was too lazy to let him run a little before riding, so it’s my own fault according to my trainer. I really hope he learns quickly that he MUST BEHAVE when I’m riding him and that he should not buck or run like a Ferrari over a leaf whirling down. I feel more like a cowgirl nowadays than a dressage rider.


Today was sales meeting day at work. We are becoming more and more efficient in this and finished earlier than expected. Because of the sales meeting, we scheduled WhatsApp’s training in the afternoon (good for me). My friend Jessica also had training with Els and it really motivated me to see them training. I want this as well, baby horse, grow up^^. I was tired in the afternoon so went to bed early. The horror, I hear the first mosquitos already! That is the bad point about living near the water of the beautiful Kaag.


Terrible news! The Notre Dame caught fire. I really had to cry because of this. Stupid me. As I read on Instagram, the world we once built, is being destroyed, crumbeling to pieces. I really am an art lover and I think we should do everything to keep these beautiful treasures on earth. Of course, I visit the Notre Dame as well and hope I can still do in future. What shocked me most, was the discussion around this. “Why can everybody donate for a building, while people are starving in Africa?”. People, let’s not fight over which disaster is worst. There is no rating in disasters. Every disaster is terrible and every disaster is one too much. I had Indian for lunch :-).


I was feeling creative today. OK, I got inspired by Rihanna’s Instagram profile pic. I found out it is very hard to make a drawing that looks like a kid’s drawing. Even with my eyes closed, I can make perfect circles. I want to do something with this (secret project) so it was just a little try-out. My sis sent me drawings of her cool kid and I gave this little one also an order for some A-art :-). To be continued.


Facebook memories! Today was the birthday of Benoit, the sommelier of “de Karmeliet***”, where I went very often (when it was still open). I don’t know if I have to laugh or to cry when I see my look at that time. Today, I also wrote a post on Instagram which got me a lot of comments. It was about my guitar carreer. Check it out (Insta: asvanhensbergen).


GOOOOOOOOOD friday! It was also HOOOOOOOOOT Friday! My bosses are the best: we were all off from 15h. My mom wanted to buy a dress, so we decided to go to Hoofddorp together. I took one hour extra off :-). My mother is not so much into shopping or cosmetics, so I forced her to come with me to Douglas and we gave her a make-over haha. It was SO much fun. I fitted some really nice things, which you can find in my shopping blog. I’m really IN LOVE with the set on the left. But why is it SO costly………… In the evening I went to Ams for some cocktails^^.


OK OK, shopping for ONE MORE TIME this year (said I never). Again, you can find the pictures in my shopping blog. I shopped for a LONG time and as time passed by, my feet were hurting more and more and I was feeling less and less cool haha. But, some coffee helpen. What do you think of the pants I was wearing (pink with holes, see Blog)? I think 12 people commented on that and asked me where I got it from.


Easter! I can’t describe the feeling I got waking up and hearing about the Sri Lanka-attacks. So unfair :-(. I really can’t express my feelings.

We had a family lunch on the beach like usual with Easter. It is not haute cuisine, but it is just good to spend time with the family. This year I was only 20 minutes late^^. My niece took some fashion pitures, which I’ll post soon on my site. It was a spur of the moment-thing (like most things in my life) so don’t expect picutre-perfect make-up (about hair I really don’t want to talk), but it was fun. On the left already one pic with my Sis, I’m SO jealous about her Keith Haring*Lacoste polo. Looks good, gurllllllllllll!