A short work week! Monday we were off because of Easter, so only 4 days to work. Wish in the weekend another national day: Queensday.

The week really started shitty, but like I always say, most things will work out in the end. Hope your week was awesome!


I was already planning for some time to visit my previous horse Calysa. But, she is now in Belgium and also it was hard to match my schedule with the new owner’s. But today we were both a day off so here I went. It was a super beautiful and sunny day. Lazy day :-). I woke up and went running for 40 minutes, after I took a shower and went to WhatsApp, who was a day off. From there I immediately drove to Antwerp-region to see Calysa. I was really excited to see her. She was standing in the fields, munching her hay. When I called her name, she immediately looked up, but she didn’t come to greet me, haha. Guess she was saying she was happy with her current home^^. I also has took a ride and her and helped the new owner as well with some riding tips and tricks after. On my way home I got Starbucks and New York style cheesecake (my new addiction haha) from Starbucks as well for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner-ish/ snacky-type.


Tuesday was NOT going the way I wanted. First of all, I was rather confused because of my reunification with Calysa. I was tired. I miss Calysa a lot, but I also think I miss the time I has when Calysa was still mine. It was all really easy going/ relaxed, no stress. I was in such a brilliant flow at that time! And yes, I also really miss the bond I had with Calysa. As usual with negativity, you don’t get positivity back (something I really needed). WhatsApp was also being wild today – I almost fell off. Horses really do feel your mood. I think I could cry and I think I did. I really felt SO alone. Something I should not have to, because I have many loving people around. All I wanted was somebody to hold me tight so that I could relax in that somebody’s arms. I went to bed early. For most problems the best solution. My dog always feels my mood, look at the picture I took before falling sound asleep.


I have a 24h-rule. Whenever I face a situation where I don’t want to be in, I tell myself not to make decisions I may regret later. I’m a woman – our emotions can go from 1 to 10 (and reverse) in a split second. Sometimes you just have to “park” a problem. You cannot always make wise decisions. That is why people always recommend to “sleep over it”. And it helped. Today was already a better day. I had a good conversation with Emily and with my sister. I cleaned up my closet. MY GOD I HAVE SO MANY CLOTHES haha! In the night, I rode my horse WhatsApp again since he really needed to calm down! I decided to really make him tired and stop only when he was totally calm down.


Workselfie! I worked and rode WhatsApp in the night. He was sweet, I’m happy. I can do this; I can train a young horse.


Normally, on Queensnight, my bestie Frouke and I go to The Hague to celebrate. I haven’t seen her in ages, so we had a little talk and thought “why not go to The Hague again?”. We are both very spontaneous, no years of planning in advance needed :-). But, I don’t like “clubbing” anymore as much as I liked it (I’m getting older hhahaha), so I thought: why not go to my favourite Hipster place in Noordwijk? We would be able to talk, laugh, shine and have fun without ending at the snackbar at 3h in the night. We even went to the fair and went in the bumper cars. Everybody wanted to bump us hahahah, because I was screaming all the time I think. I was totally bruised after. We didn’t got home late – it was a brilliant night.


Queensday! I don’t like to do thinks everybody does, or to do things because it is expected. Like on Queensday, everybody “has to go out”, if you don’t go out, everybody looks at you differently. But as usual, I don’t really care haha, it was super cold and shitty weather. Besides this long whining, I couldn’t even go out, because our horses were going in the fields for the first time! It is always a big “event”, the horses knows exactly. First, we have to walk over the streets and WhatsApp was being WILD! I took off his halter, he ran away and… Jumped over the water. Why do I always have such special horses hahahaha. A couple hours later, I went back to take him out again, otherwise he would get fat/ sick. And we don’t want that! In the mean time, I went for coffee with my family, it is tradition to eat orange pastries together. As I’m always picky with food (REALLY??) I asked my mom to bring me cheesecake instead haha. In the morning, I already went for a run and I also cycled to WhatsApp, so it was an active day.


Competition time! I really LOVE riding competitions, it was always so much fun with Calysa. I really need it, I’m a quite competitive person, always wanting to win or get the most out of situations. Also, with my trainer, I think I have “gold” in my hands. She is THE BEST! Now it is up to me to listen :-). So, I bought WhatsApp, being very young, and at first we were having so many (temper) problems. But sooner than expected, I returned in the competition arena. From April, I was allowed to compete in the L-level (maximum), so I decided to do so πŸ™‚ hhahaha. Why not. Everybody was like, really? But I know we could do this. He was still very tensed, but I was not, so I leaded him through the tests and I could only wished for the result we finally got. Happy! He now has got his first classification: L1+2. On the left, my competition look (see the reflection of my ring light in my eyes, still happy with it).