This weather is really bad for my shopping-mood. Well, it is actually good for my shopping mood, but very bad for my bank balance :-). Cleaned out my closet last week, filled her up this week again with new clothes^^. Everything I try on really looks nice. And I HATE this hahaha. I’m always afraid it will sell out soon. And that I will regret not buying. So what can I do, one has to wear clothes, not?

How was your week? Anything nice on your radar?


Some really nice collections are coming in, LOOK AT THIS! I LOVE the style and how it is inspired on the golf scene. I don’t think it is for a broad public, but for me, it is perfect.
My horse was a day off today since he really worked hard the day before during the dressage competition, of which you probably have read in my previous week overview. Also, my trainer was badly injured (because of an accident with her horse….) so I didn’t really had a choice.


SOOO HAPPY! I asked my brother a couple of times to design a logo for me. He is SO creative. I was SHOOK when I first saw what he made, it was SO BEYOND EXPECTATIONS! I personally always look at different logos and combine it to something new, but this is so original. It made my day^^. The first shirts are already finished with the print. I have big plans with it, wonder where it will take me. We’ll see.


I’m training hard with my horse – I’m really enjoying our training and getting better and better. After all, we seem to be a match. In the beginning, I really had some (small) doubts as WA is totally different from Calysa and thus also totally different from me^^. But, I think horses really adjust to the person who takes care of them and riding him now is really pleasant. I don’t give up as yet!
I’m finally feeling better and better, fitter and fitter. Since the beginning of the new year, I really had problems “adjusting” to many changing factors in my life. But, I’m back! And really looking forward to new photo shoots again to share some fashion. I cleaned up my camera and found this pic. Not really sure if I like it or hate it, but I really shine – without a doubt. What do you think, like or hate?


As said, I really am in shopping mood. I really appreciate the new fashion nowadays. I order a lot. And send a lot back^^. Besides carrying bags and boxes in the shopping street, fitting clothes and trying on things is one of my biggest hobbies. I haven’t checked my account in weeks, that will definitely influence my (shopping)mood^^.


Workselfie, big eyes! My groom took care of WhatsApp and I did something different in the night but I cannot really recall what I did :-). And not because of alcohol abuse. Because I don’t really drink that much/ often (hey, I’m a #fitgitl). But if I decide to do so, I would remember.


Shopping! I bought some shorts from Primark some weeks ago and I LOOOVE them! I def. needed to buy more so I went shopping today in The Hague. And scored my shorts. And much more^^. I also wanted to fit the items from Scotch & Soda (from Monday) so I really had a mission today. I also fitted these pants and I didn’t buy. I mean, I really like it, but I don’t know if I will really wear it (often). Then EUR50 is still a lot. Also, I doubt if these aren’t better: Calvin Klein stripe. Let me know what you think!
In the night, I went to Koffiehuis in Noordwijk which was awesome as ever. The fair was still there so again I went in the bumping cars but this time the driver didn’t knew you had to bump into other cars…….. Sigh. At least, no blue, bruised legs this time. There were all “oldies” (yes, incl. me) in the cars do we had big fun, playing as kids. Something that is easy for me^^.


Lazy Sunday! Waking up and thinking: should I buy breakfast or shall I go to the movies? I really wanted to see the Endgame of the Avengers (I’m a nerd, I know), so the choice was easy. Off to Scheveningen! Normally with 3D-movies, you get your own pair of glasses, but nowadays they “recycle” and I really think this is a good thing. With nachos with cheese dip and guacamole, latte machiatto and a caramel cookie, I could easily overcome the 3 hours in cinema. Breakfast for winners – nachos and coffee – excellent combination.