I’m feeling SUUUPERHAPPY! Fitter and fitter, eating healthy (well, for me – not sure if everybody agrees), enjoying life to the max.! Work is going well, my horse WhatsApp is doing better and better. No, not much to complain about. Well, maybe about my bank balance haha, I really need new summer items and SUNGLASSES but apparently there is a limit to my bank account ๐Ÿ™ haha.


Yesterday was Mother’s day. But my niece (the one I always cycle with to school (she) and work (me)) was also celebrating her birthday so my mom said we would celebrate Mother’s day another time. That was a good thing, since I had to assist/ write during Sunday’s Subtop dressage competition anyway, so I didn’t even had time for Mother’s day. Sorry mom! I’m always a bit chaotic with those kind of things. I did think of my mom, I really liked the text of this image. But….. I forgot to send it her hhahaha. Penalty points in the “Best daughter-competition” for me.


I’m making some new plans for new photo shoots. I’m really happy with these tights, which I boughs. WAYYY to expensive and I think I’ll cry when I make a hole in them (or somebody else)(by accident), but these are PERFECT for a photo shoot!

I also trained WhatsApp and that went all fine. I do notice that my trainer didn’t came this week. With horse riding, it is really important that somebody is your “eyes on the ground”, since I’m very much a “feel” person, but sometimes, it feels different than it looks. Then I get frustrated, trying harder, while it already looks good.


During a WhatsApp-convo, we were joking around and all, and my WhatsApp-conversation partner “accidentally” made this comment. I really liked it. Friction is not bad, as long as it makes you shine after. Sometimes you have to realize that there will always be some kind of friction between persons. Since you both live your own life. It is just important how you deal with it. Sometimes it cost me a lot of effort, re-writing what I want to say, overthinking if it is a good think to speak my mind. And then your conversation partner fires comments back instead! Making everything my fault etc. That is not the way to deal with things. I decided that, when somebody makes the effort to speak their deepest thoughts, to respect those words, take them into account. It is their feeling. Thank them for their comments. And keep it in mind in future. It is so easy. And then somebody will, in future, be more at ease to speak their mind. Which is a good thing. Better than waiting till big escalations. Everyday you learn, you grow stronger, you become a better person.


I finished my book ๐Ÿ™ I really liked it. This quote was made for me,, it is totally about me. The girl did found her perfect love in the end, it turned out she was already with him from the beginning :-). Happily there is another sequel to this book, so I’ll buy it for sure.


Today was a really good day. After work, I went to my favorite swimming pool for my swimming session. The pool was empty (meaning no people, not the lack of water)! WOW! LOVE IT! I was very relaxed. But suddenly they were baking fries and the complete pool smelled like fries. Gosh, I immediately got VERY HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!! After swimming, I picked up my dog, who was at my parents, and went to the nearest supermarket to buy all the things that crossed my mind when thinking about food the past hour.

In the night, we went to Millers in The Hague, which was really nice! I really like to dress up etc. I get the best comments. One guy approached me and sad, “gosh, you are way too beuatiful for me, but I just wanted to say you are the prettiest girl I have seen”. SO CUTE! I wonder if he says the same thing when he sees me on a regular Tuesday night, without make-up, in my horse riding clothes haha (bet you not). Suddenly I really got tired and wanted to go home. While my friends were dancing the soles off their shoes. But we went :-). It was REALLYYY nice. Although I’m not a clubbing person. It was just nice to spent my night with the best^^.


Yeah, I had better nights sleep wise. But it doesn’t matter how you sleep, it matters what you do when you’re awake, right^^? I took my dog out for a walk in the morning. Apparently there was a market going on in my village (this happens MANY times in my village), so there I stood, in the middle of 1000’s (awake) people, (still half sleeping) in my red hoodie & pink pants hahah. I really walked fast ๐Ÿ™‚ (sorry, doggy). After, I went to WhatsApp, who I also took out for a walk on the streets. He was SO SWEET! Remember, he is still young and haven’t seen a lot yet in his life, so sometimes he totally panics! But not today. After, I went by bike to Leiden, the weather was SO NICE! I will update my shopping blog later. Already some outfits sneak peak on the right. I NEEEEDD the bikini <3.


I was bored as well haha, first I went running. I ran 10km and did Steigerung training. Which means you sprint a LOT, and then after, base tempo, and spring again. It helps you to improve your base tempo. And your heartbeat really kicks up! I didn’t know where the energy was coming from, but I really did a VERY FAST round. And I wasn’t really tired after. HAPPY! I went to Rotterdam because I wanted to check something. I had a lot of time and I took my time :-). It was not busy at all. I really LOVE this blue color, Kings-blue, it reminds me of Maxima in one way. On her Jan Taminiau suit/ dress, she once wore. It was a good day :-).