What a week! “Mixed emotions” really covers it all.

I really spent too much time on my phone. Communicating, intercommunicating. Most important; I learned a lot this week. My horse had to do without me most of the week but happily I have Kelly & Denise taking excellent care of him.


Man, I was tired. I look tired. Everybody thought I had too many parties, too many dinners, too many drinks. Which is, in my case, not unthinkable. The truth is however that I’m a sensitive person and worrying is wearing me more out then partying.

In the evening my trainer came for WhatsApp and I had to cry because of everything. She told me she could see in my position that it looked like I carried the entire world on my shoulders.


Dogs turn into puberty from 6-7 months. The hormones were really running through Cookie’s body. He was in love with socks. And wanted to make babies with my dad’s and Willem’s shoes. So it was time for a castration. And to remove his final baby teeth. The vet called me and told me he was really shy. I think because I was not there. Everything went smooth. When I came to pick him up, the assistant told me he carried Cookie on his arm all afternoon since he was so sweet :-).


My friend Emily asked me to babysit tonight. So I arranged Kelly to take care of WhatsApp. And Kelly wanted to ride WhatsApp in the group lesson, which is a good excersise for him. After all, Emily’s appointment was re-scheduled to Thursday. So I had an evening of “nothing”. I decided to go swimming. It was a long time ago! Swimming is much better with my FitBit. Really challenging! But 40 minutes was really the max., haha! It is still not my favourite hobby. Although swimming can’t get much better from where I swim (super luxurious and warm pool).


Babysit-day! I really LOVE Sebastiaan, but he was already sleeping. So I did not catch up with him after all. I turned off the television and spent the whole night reading a book about dynamics in a relationship. With Cookie on my lap. Reflection-night!


Off to Frankfurt! I worked in the morning. It was really busy at Schiphol! I decided to not check in my luggage after all because of this. I needed some time in the airport to do my make-up and get some coffee^^. It was a really short, but convenient flight. Everything went smooth. We went to get some cocktails after my arrival. And ended up in an amazing place! Apparently, the hotel was hosted by Porsche. WOW! We decided to stay there for dinner and went back to the bar afterwards, which was turned into a little club. When we left, we got a ginger-shot, I LOVE IT! We went to another rooftop bar, very cool! I was wearing this FEBO-dress so all the Dutchies would know where I was from obviously :-).


Although my flight back was scheduled for Sunday night, I decided to leave a day early. Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans :-). It was too costly to re-schedule the flight itself, so I booked the Fixbus. There is a first for everything :-). Before departure, I bought a nice dinner package suitable for a trip like this: green tea & M&M’s (the brown ones)! I really had some very nice conversations during the trip. Not bad, not bad at all.


I started the day off with running. Then went to my friend to pick up Cookie. He enjoyed it to pieces! I was very happy to see how he loved Sebastiaan. I had some play time with Sebastiaan, but has a busy schedule, so left after a nice coffee. It was Dreamhack-time! A world famous show around computer games. HP was the main sponsor (they have amazing gaming computers! I want an Omen myself, and I’m not a gamer. WoW) so it was nice to having a look. A LAN party looks… Different! After, we went to the museum and to my sister, since it was the birthday of her boyfriend. The cake was already finished when we entered (sorryyyy a little late) so we stayed only short. And after a long, long detour, I returned home after a day full of fun :-).