What’s on my radar? I can’t get these things out of my head, I’m literally LIVING for it! Hope I can shine with it someday. Please do not forget to check out my previous list for more inspiration.

Bikini Agent Provocateur

Summer is just around the corner, time to decide what to wear when shining on the beach. I already found my outfit :-).

Louis Vuitton Tonca sunglasses

I’m OBSESSED with some good sunglasses. Apparently, I have a LV-glasses-head haha. This one is brilliant, really Hollywood-style!

FEBO t-shirt

Yep, I’ll wear it as a dress, just like this lady. I love it!

Uniqhorse grooming box

New horse, new grooming box! OK, this is not fashion, but trendy IT IS! It is like a beauty case for horses. For my non-horse-friends: this is a box for all grooming equipment for your horse. Not that I like grooming, but after all, you need a grooming box.

Sol de Janeiro body spray

Happiness is in the little things. I absolutely LOVE this range, as I already discribed here. This is a new addition to their collection and I would love to try it.

Smashbox Cali Contour palette

For contouring (I’m the queen of contour haha), I prefer Smashbox, because they KNOW which color is perfect for shading. They have EXACTLY the color I need. But, mine is finished. So, I need to buy new! And…. The color is in this palette, soooo…. on the wish list!

Chanel no.5 parfum

Guys, THIS is the real deal. No eau de toilette, not eau de parfum, but real PARFUM.

Fitting mirror

Come on, mirrors are deaadddd imporant. And I fell in love with this one! Gold! Because “ho Babydoll main sone di” (I’m a golden Babydoll in Hindi) haha! I have no space on my walls, so this mirror is ideal. Also handy for Vlogging, to see what I’m doing. And for other purposes (posing, I mean, come on, haha).

Dragonfly Pole dancing outfit

This is SO ME! It is absolutely my style and with this, I can climb in the pole anytime (theoretically!).

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow talk collection

It was sold out for a long time, but IT IS BACK! I absolutely love this no make-up make-up, rosey dosey as if… you had a good sleep, of course! What did you think ;-).

Pink suit

OK, confession… I already have this, so maybe better to wear it and do a fashion shoot with it, but until that time, I’ll post it here haha. Isn’t it lovely? This one is from Boohoo.

Donkersloot painting

As a big lover of art (in all its forms), a masterpiece cannot be left out in my wishlist. When I was younger (gosh), I remembered I was somewhere, and there I saw a Donkersloot painting. I was obsessed! I once want one of myself :-). Major GOALS!

Guess clutch

To wear with my pink suit, of course. It is on sale now……………