Some things I just can’t get out of my head. With this list, I hope to inspire other people as well & share everything nice I see & LOVE! I decided to “update” my wishlist every time with new items on my radar.

Whenever I managed to get some items from previous list, I crossed the thingies below <3. And my taste changes, so some things are cancelled #sorrynotsorry.

April 2020

Reinders velvet sweat (cancel)

OMG, this one is screaming my name. I love everything. I already have the belt and the trousers :).

Reinders / size S / EUR89.99

Reinders destroyed set

YES there are holes in this set and YES it is supposed to be. It is my color of course, but the fit and comfort of this set are amay! A real eye catcher, easy to wear, awesome looks :).

Reinders / pants / size S / EUR89.99
Reinders / top / size S / EUR89.99

Reinders Loesje sweater

I LOVE to show off shoulders. Imagine a summer night, it getting a little chilly. This sweat brings ultimate comfort, and still looks classy.

Reiders / onze size / EUR79.99

Reinders tie dye set

SOOO comfy! I know not everybody will like this. But I do. Also, it is special. Not one set is the same. Because it is all hand made. COOL!

Reinders / top / size S / EUR119.99
Reinders / pants / size XS / EUR119.99

Reinders bikini sequins

WOW WOW WOW! I LOVE Reinders swimwear. I already have a bathing suit in black. AND a shiny back kimono! So, in order to give my belly a nice tan, I can now live without a nice Bikini.

Reinders / gold bikini / size M / EUR69.95

Guess sandals

I LOVE THESE! These are SO MY STYLE! So very classy.

Guess / size 40 / EUR129.099

March 2020

Reinders tracking suit velvet

Let’s start off with the thing I like most! I really adore this set. You can wear it with heels. Or sporty. Ideal for travels. Or work. And now also in VELVET. Neeeeeeeeeeeeeed.

Reinders / jacket / size XS / EUR109.95
Reinders / pants/ size XS / EUR109.95

Reinders long dress (cancel)

Summer is just around the corner. I think this dress is PERFECT! Since it “hugs”your body. And not to mention the color (pink, of course)… WOW!

Reinders / size XS / EUR109.95)

Reinders body

I don’t have to tell you why I love this one, do I? It is PERFECT!

Reinders / size S / EUR59.99

Reinders velvet suit

Did I menation I REALLY like the Reinders-collection? Pink is my color, velvet is my vibe. So I need these pants. And I can combine them with the body from above. Sorted :).

Reinders / jacket / size S / EUR109.99
Reinders / pants / size XS / EUR109.99


Oh my, I need exactly these sunglasses. But I don’t know which one it are. Is it the double G aviator (Gucci)? Or Longchamp after all? I NEED IT, I will feel like a star :).

Smashbox Cali kissed

This shows exactly how I felt when in California. Clifornia dreamin’… Now I can recreate the look of that holiday with this palette. GO!

Smashbox / Douglas / EUR38

Clarins Glow-to-Go Stick Highlighter

I “found” this item at Schiphol airport, before boarding to San Diego. I tried it, and I was OBSESSED! All flight, I was looking at my highlight. PERFECT! Now I need it.

Clarins / Douglas / color glowy pink / EUR35.71

H&M My little pony hoodie

I guess it is a pink-kind-of-day. I saw this one in San Diego. Didn’t buy it. Still on my radar. Not much pieces left. Damn. Dilemmas.

H&M / size XS / EUR29.99

Daily paper Captain hoodie

Never change a winning formula. Me & my Daily paper Captain hoodies are this kind of winning formula. I need a black hoodie. Easy piecy!

Daily paper / size XS / EUR89.95

Januari 2020

Daily paper Captain hoodie

OK, so I have this one on my radar for already SO long! Mellow yellow, reminds me of a sunny day at the beach. Matches my personality! I bought this sweat in red earlier, and it is very big but comfy. Now I need this one for sure before I’ll regret it.

Daily paper / size XS / EUR89.95

Nikkie boots

HEADS DOWN the most important thing I want! This is SO ME! Oh wait, I need to finish this blog, I was already on my way buying them.

Nikkie / size 40 / EUR299.95

Von Eusersdorff perfume

A BF once made me fall in love with his perfume. And what a perfume! This is SO SPECIAL. A couple of times, we were walking in the streets (OK, we were shopping) and other people stopped him. To compliment him with his smell and asking what perfume it is. And it suits me as well. It is intense. Mysterious. But also tones of flowers.

There is a big myth around it saying it has secret ingredients from nature that will make your partner fall in love with you. And not many people have it. COOL!

Daily paper pants (cancelled)

I can start my own Daily paper store. I already have this one in green. And I LOVE it! Hands down for this brand. I wear it with pumps/ high heels and and a fitted top. Top!

(Update: I bought the green one instead. And the yellow one)

Daily paper / size S / EUR39.95

Daily paper hoodie (cancelled)

Another hoodie? YES! New colors/ collection from Daily paper. Purple suits my (green) eyes. And my pink pants. It is a bit oversized, but it means you can sleep in it. Also, yes, again colorful. I love bright colors. Not because I want to stand out of the crowd. But just because it makes ME happy. Matching to my bright personality 🙂 (most of the times).

BALR. Hoodie

Sweater weather! Everybody knows I love my hoodies! I already have a black BALR. hoodie and it is so good! Since it has raglan sleeves. That looks better on my shoulders :-). White is perfect for summer. COME TO ME!

BALR. / size XS / EUR160

Smashbox lipstick

There was a time I almost only used Smashbox items. I think it was before I discovered Charlotte Tilbury make-up. But sometimes (when there’s no CT around), I fall back on Smashbox. I tried on their mattes again, and I must say: I was happy with the result. I already have the darkest purple, but have my eyes on the red and the pink one. Since the relationship with me & liquid matte lipstick is over. Back to basic!

Black Bananas (cancelled)

OK, now that we are already in the hoodies-mode, take a moment to check out this brand. That was it :-).

December 2019

H&M*Giambattista Valli

YES! I already have some items from this collection. But these I really need as well. So me-style! Imagine, pants with high heels? Sweater with shorts and cowboy boots? YASSS come to me!

Sweater / XS / EUR59.99
Pants / M (oversized) / EUR69.99

Patent sneakers

Comfortable, stylish and it SHINES! Approved! And also not too expensve. I love the combination of Patent and Velvet, which is very in fashion now.

Sneakers / ZARA / size 40 / EUR49.95

Dog walk

OK, a little less comfi from above. But my dog doesn’t walk fast, anyway. So stroll off with these pumps and dog collar from For Pets Only, my fav. brand for dogs. Pip had a complete closet from FPO, lucky me her.

Pumps / Valentino rock stud / size 40
Dog collar / For Pets Only /XS

Nikkie fashion

In the past, I bought a LOT Nikkie fashion. But I prefer to be the only one in the room wearing a certain outfit. And with Nikkie, the chances were great to meeting somebody in the same clothes. But, I have to say, this style I RIIILY like. From top (hello, sunnies) to toe (bye, boots)!

Balenciaga all over logo coat

OK, I will never ever have this coat in my closet (maybe it is better to buy a new bicycle), but dreaming is allowed :).

Coat / Balenciaga / too expensive / but priceless to see their faces

La Prairie skin caviar foundation

I love powder foundations as they look very natural, not too patchy. But when you tried this one, no other one will ever come close. I tried it on two times and I’m sold. Well, I did not make a purchase yet, because it IS still quite an investment since I think I need the brush with it. And imagine how many lipsticks and highlighters you can buy for EUR200…………..

Foundation / La Prairie / EUR150

E. Coudray Vanilla E Coco

One of my secrets: this perfume. It smells like the Disney Hotel and Barbies. I like to smell “unique”, and not many people know this perfume (it’s French). And who doesn’t LOVE the smell of coconut? I already finished quite some bottles of this elixer and ready to buy a new one. LIKE!

Pink suit

I feel a bit ashamed. I already own like 5 pink suits. But when I saw this one, I still like it a lot. And come on, it’s Zara. Which means: cheap. But not always the best fit/ quality. So, let me overthing this one. I keep on putting it in my shopping basket for now.

Blazer / EUR29.95
Pants / EUR19.95

Velvet bomber

One of my secrets: go shopping at the kids department or mens. This “steal” I found at Zara Man. I like it.

Bomber / S / EUR129.95

September 2019

Febo Haute Friture

Oh my, Febo is discontinuing their clothing collection! I already have the snack-pants (haha) but I really need this one as well. I would wear it with overknees or heels, why not haha. Snacks, anyone?

EUR29.95 / size S

Apple pencil (+Ipad)

I’m SO, SO happy when I draw. I draw when I’m bored. And when I’m not. Inspiration comes and goes, you never know when it hits. My friend Kelly sent me the drawing in this image and I was MIND BLOWN. I need this! So that I can draw any time. Indulge my creative senses. And delete the same whenever it is not up to my standards^^.

Apple pendil EUR99.95 / Ipad (various)

LINJA shoes

You know, when a girl has sore feet, you better look for cover! Linja has a solution to this.
Exceptional Comfort on High Heels they call their concept. I love to wear heels all day, all night so this I MUST try. But, comfort comes with a price tag unfortunately.

EUR289.95 / size 40

Barbie make-up look

I LOVE this look! Whenever I feel a little “down”, my face looks dull, I always get in a better mood by adding some color. Looking good is really feeling good in my case. These are my favourites I got my mind set on at the moment.

  • Sisley phyto-blush twist in shade 2
  • Guerlain lipstick Rouge G in shade 888
  • MAC full fuchsia powder blush

Susan Bijl shopping bag

Credits for this one for my Sis Marieke who actually introduced this brand to me (Marieke is a trendsetter). Susan Bijl is a designer from Rotterdam and she made these “simple” shopping bags an absolute fashion statement. I think a nice bag for bringing to the swimming pool, to the beach, to the shops… YES! I’m convinced.

Zenology Camellia Sinensis

I’m very sensitive on my senses (is this even a correct saying). A perfume can definitely turn my mood from sad to happy, from tired to active. Once before I told about Zenology and how this (Dutch!) brand works on creating an experience. In many hotels, they use the ambiance trigger which is a home perfume. I use it now as well (almost finished my bottle, nooooo). I cannot describe the feeling when I smell this specific perfume. I takes me back to places, experiences, memories… I think this set of shower gel & body lotion is a MUST for people like me. Be prepared!

Zenology set EUR69.95

MAC Soft & gentle highlight

I know not everybody is fond of MAC consmetics. As they supply to China, they are oblicated to test on animals. Which I also completely disapprove! I do know however that China is a “different” country and I also don’t want MAC to stop supplying to China – remember, a lot of people living there are happy that they can buy MAC.
Anyhow – I’m a highligher addict. Shine on! I tried many, many highlighers, but this one is still one of my favourites. Mine’s finished ages ago. Time for a refill, baby!

MAC Soft & Gentle EUR32.50

Asics Nimbus gel

I run. I run a lot! Buying running shoes is NOT my hobby (I prefer buying nice heels instead). But there is one sign I should not delay this purchase any longer: sore knees! And that is the case now. And since I want to run for the rest of my life (haha) it is important to listen to my body for once. I’m with the Asics Nimbus gel-family for decades. They change the color now and then but for the rest you can rely on the same quality. Never change a winning item, Asics!

Google for best prices / older colors are always cheaper.

August 2019

Envii Enoaks SL dress

This dress does not only look nice and feels fantastic, it also has a special meaning to me. This picture means a lot to me. BUT: it looks amazing as well, so sorted! I need it.EUR65 / size XS

Custom bag EV LINCHE

THIS IS SO COOL! My friend Izabel got one and I’M OBSESSED! The bag is vegan leahter, so that is another plus. I can imagine a bag like this with my name on it, with my spirit animal (tiger! And leopard print), maybe with some pink… The model is also perfect. When is my birthday again?

EUR250 /

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick Glowing Jen

Lipstick is EVERYTHING! It can immediately lift you up and make you feel super happy. When Charlotte launched her new range, I immediately thought this one would be PERFECT for me. So, I tried a couple on last week andddddddd… I was right! Glowing Jen IT IS!

EUR35 / hot lips 2 – Glowing Jen

Nikkie coin boots (cancelled)

Some people (I will not mention names) let you walk, and walk, and walk… Don’t het me wrong, I LOVE to walk, but I mostly wear high heels! So, time for some more comfortable, yet VERY fashionable booties! This can be worn over wide trousers, under skirt. I LOVE IT! Why so expensive haha. Think I’ll have so suffer for a bit more.

EUR250 / size 40

Fabienne Chapot skirt

I don’t think I need to explain this choice, right? I saw it, I fell in love, I tried it on, I even fell more in love. Stand out of the crowd, be girly yet fashionable (no, I still didn’t get to buy the jacket :-(( too bad).

EUR139.99 / size 36

Aubade X Viktor & Rolf

The moment I saw these on my Insta, I fell in love. I love Aubade, I love Viktor & Rolf. Last week I tried them on and I was not disappointed haha.

EUR110 (bra) / size C80

Chloe eau de parfum

I always had one of these, but it is finished. Someone was wearing it last week, I smelled it, and I remembered how much I miss to have it. I like to have choice in parfum as I chose my parfum depending on my mood and clothes.

Price differs based on size.

Gucci sunglasses GG0226S

Of course, sunglasses cannot be missed in my wishlist. I like my sunglasses to be big and bold, don’t I look like a glamour queen?

EUR350 (de Bijenkorf Amstelveen)

Playsuit Zadig & Voltaire

This is my style, it is SO comfy yet nice looking! I felt great in it. It is in sale now but still expensive hahaha…

EUR165 / size S

Alix the label Longline blazer

OK, I thought it was a blazer dress, but I found out it is still a blazer hahaha… Wouldn’t mind to wear it as a dress at all. But also figured out it fits on many other outfits.

EUR229 / size S (XS was a bit too short hahaha).

Converse ERX


EUR129 / size 39

June 2019

Smooth dress Essentiel Antwerp

THIS IS ME! I really LOVE this dress. I would wear it to the beach, to a lunch/ dinner, night out… All summer long! I really would LOVE to do a photo shoot, wearing this dress, in a city, on the beach, in the metro… I LOVE IT! EUR195 / size 34.

Off-white belt

I was one of the first having an “oversized” belt, with the biggest part almost hanging on the ground. At first, everybody was making fun/ jokes/ comments on it. But now Off-white is coming up, it is more and more being accepted. Still, my boss yesterday warned me not to trip over it hahaha! Anyway, I would LOVE to have the “real deal” instead of my look-a-like. Because I REALLY like it and have proved to wear it.

Nikkie / Kate Moss jacket

OMG I LOVE IT! I really like leather jackets, because these are really sustainable and keep you warm. I wear it a LOT! I have “something” with stars, so when I walked into this one, I got “Stars in my eyes”. It fitted like a glove and I immediately LIT UP. But when I saw the price, I bursted in tears. Nikkie / 36 / EUR499.95.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

Hey, I’m not the youngest anymore. It is hard to “reverse skin”, so already many years, I love to use a good facial cream. To slow down aging haha. This one is definitely the best. But also not the cheapest. I really feel very luxury/ chic/ on top of the world when using this cream. I got one jar way back, but it is finished. And just SO expensive I don’t dare to buy a new one. Charlotte Tilbury / EUR99.

Bikini Calvin Klein

I almost love bikinis as much as I love sunglasses. Wish I could walk all day in it (and with sunglasses). I saw this one – it had the right color – and I tried it on and I fell in LOVE! The bottoms is a really tiny one, so I chose a size bigger hahah :-P. Calvin Klein / M / EUR55 (top) EUR29.95 (bottoms).

Reiss playsuit Lucille

And THIS is my style! I saw it, I fitted it, and it looked better than all the things I fitted before. The back is brilliant. I prefer black color; I will place a pic in my shopping spree-blog of it. The price is rather an issue. Reiss Lucille / 36 / EUR235.

Concealer Charlotte Tilbury

I tried MANY concealers (sometimes I really am happy that I tried so many things so that I can now tell which one is the best of the best) and this one is… The best of the best :-P. It covers everything and nobody will notice I don’t sleep that well all the time :-P. Charlotte Tilbury / color 2 / EUR35.

Elias Rumelis Maria (cancelled)

I’m really big fan of this brand. Not too many people know it; it is getting bigger now, but two years back, it was really “innovative” to wear these pants. I got the Selena in red, green, black, yellow and blue (all very BRIGHT), so I think I have enough “exravagant” pants now. Also enough Selena. This one is more sophisticated and I got my eyes on them! Really nice to wear with a fitted top. With sneakers or high heels or slippers :-P.

May 2019

Louis Vuitton Mascot

My love for Louis Vuitton Mascot goes a long way. But every time I want to buy it, something happens or… I buy something else from LV instead haha! But, one day, it is going to be mine, I hope <3. For more pics, please check my recent blogpost here. (EUR495)

New hair

I really NEED to go to the hairdresser for a HUGE make-over. I have the BEST hairdresser in the World (Tim Kruik in Sassenheim), but like always, it is VERY expensive. Especially if I go for the make-over I want. As in this pic. WOW! I’m always SO relaxed after being groomed so well haha. You know you get very luxurious pralines in this salon? And after 17h, you can even get wine, beer. Awesome salon. A bit expensive though :-P.

Scotch & Soda suit (cancelled)

I already fitted this suit (see my blog: Shopping spree). The lightning was really bad in the shop, but it fitted like a glove, looked amazing and felt GREAT! But, it is not cheap. But come one, this is amazing, isn’t it?

Gucci GG0257S

This IS ME! I think I put them on like 100 times already, but always buy different things instead. For a real Barbie-look! The problem is that it is old collection now, so hardly anywhere to find. I still know one shop on Internet and hope they have some on stock later. Because I really want it and think I will cry when I found out it is nowhere to be found anymore. My mom always says: “ah, then there will be something else”, but nothing really compared to this one. I think now……. More pics you can find on my blogpost here (EUR220)

Hermes Ambre Narguile perfume

This is a VERY exclusive perfume, only to be found in Hermes-stores. It is unisex and SO NICE. I love to wear perfumes nobody else wears, it makes me (feel) unique. So, that is why I love this one so much. And it is very special smell and strong enough so that everybody will notice all day long. I had it once, and gave it away the second time (:-P), but now I really miss it. Feeling Sassy with the right perfume!

Louis Vuitton V-hoops

I want these for such a LONG time already. I think it is an absolute must-have for every fashionista! I think I would prefer to go for the silver version however, since the gold one is plated. I will kill myself when I forget to take them out under the shower. That will not be so nice, so better go for silver color instead.

Calvin Klein sweater

I really LOVE this sweater, nice to wear on red pants! Size XS, please :-P.

New tattoo

Ja, I know a tattoo is already on my Bucket list, but that is a big one. For this one, I already know what I want :-). The one on the pic is made with a Henna-marker, but it looks nice, right? It is not the final text. I want Marco Bratt (Noordwijk) to tattoo it again. I just need somebody to come with me to hold my hands, haha :-P.

New screen

Not a nice thing to spend your money on. But I fell while running. And I fell hard. When you run fast, apparently you fall hard. Anyway, even my (protected) phone on my arms didn’t survive the fall. My screen is a little less damaged as the one one the pic, but still. I found out it costs EUR250 to repair my Iphone X. Oh my.


Nerd-glasses, how come you fit me so well :-P. These are very exclusive (not made many), guess I should but them soon. (EUR300)


My house is HOT! I live under the roof with a LOT of windows. In the summer you can easily cook yourself. Which may sound cool, but is not very convenient after all. So, why don’t you open the window, you may think. Well, it seems like there are 100 musquitos waiting for that to happen and enter my room. After 12 years of terror it is time to take some action. To keep my windows closed and my house cool. Hello, airco, how are ya? It is a shame these are SO expensive.

Chloe Mandy

These glasses are SO BIG, you really look like a Hollywood-star when wearing these! And, they cover your eyes when you feel tired. Win-win!