I absolutely LOVE sunglasses. It is a way to stand out of everybody else. And, most important, if you don’t feel or look “sunny”, a nice pair of sunnies can really empower you! Some people don’t understand my obsession for sunglasses (haha), but to me, it is like a jewelry, a precious statement. And, being a big sun-lover, it is always good to be prepared for sunny days! I love people who love (sun)glasses <3.

These are the glasses on my current wish list.


This IS ME! I think I put them on like 100 times already, but always buy different things instead. For a real Barbie-look! More pics you can find on my blogpost here (EUR220)


Nerd-glasses, how come you fit me so well :-P. These are very exclusive, guess I should but them soon. (EUR300)

Chloe Mandy

These glasses are SO BIG, you really look like a Hollywood-star when wearing these! And, they cover your eyes when you feel tired. Win-win!

Louis Vuitton Mascot

My love for Louis Vuitton Mascot goes a long way. But every time I want to buy it, something happens or… I buy something else from LV instead haha! But, one day, it is going to be mine, I hope <3. For more pics, please check my recent blogpost here. (EUR495)